The Flight cont...

Ahhhhhh yes, the good life. Moments after arriving at the gate, we were escorted down the gangplank to our luxurious seats and champagne was pressed into our hands. Newspapers, candies, and a spectacular lunch and dinner menu were given out, in addition to slippers and a toiletry kit, which I still use. Needless to say we were spoiled, with an unbelievably good Japanese dinner, constant attention at least a dozen hot towel deliveries. Soon we leaned the seats back and dozed pleasantly. I awoke once when we were over the Aleutian Islands, but alas, cloud cover prevented my seeing anything. 

Soon a fine breakfast was served and the plane began a slow descent, whilst I earnestly gazed out the window for my first glimpse of Asia.

Finally a green and mountainous land appeared, and as we descended I saw dozens, perhaps hundreds of huge ships afloat on the ocean steaming along, presumably toward Tokyo bay. As we passed over the land, it was immediately apparent that this was Japan. Virtually every square centimeter of countryside was under intensive cultivation, mostly rice, I presume. The shapes of the fields, a million shades of green, were convoluted and strewn about in a refreshingly old-world style. And here and there were gatherings of homes, and industry, with highways running about, and a lot of small, brightly colored mini-vans driving upon them. 

Narita Airport is a long way outside Tokyo, and no hint of the city was visible as we finally touched down in a pleasant country setting.